Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose to pave with asphalt instead of concrete?

The costs involved are the biggest thing to consider. Generally the cost per square foot of asphalt is less than that of concrete.

I don't know much about all this, how am I supposed to know what my residential driveway needs?

Visit our residential driveway section, if you still have questions feel free to call our main office. Estimates are free with no obligations.

How long do I have to wait before I can drive on my newly paved driveway?

Generally the longer you wait the better and the heavier the load the longer you should wait. When pulling out of your new driveway remember to keep your vehicle moving while turning your tires to prevent smudging of new asphalt.

Does Road and Driveway Company's asphalt plant run during the winter?

Yes it does. When we get a break in the weather we do fire up one of the plants.

Does Road and Driveway Co. accept credit card payments?

Yes, just call the main office to set up payment. (541-265-9441)

How long does a typical residential driveway take to complete?

Your driveway can be done anywhere from a couple hours to two days depending on the size and physical state prior to construction of your driveway.

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