Our Core Services

Road & Driveway Company builds roadways from the ground up and much more. Below we have listed some of our specific core services.

Asphalt Concrete Pavement Production

We produce asphalt concrete pavement to Oregon Department of Transportation specifications. Our asphalt plants are located in Newport and Lincoln City. Both are capable of using recycled asphalt material (RAP) and the Newport plant is capable of producing warm mix asphalt (WMA) to help preserve a limited resource and reduce emissions.

Asphalt Paving

We pave roads, highways, bridges, driveways, byways, handicap ramps, berms, repair and/or install speed tables, ditch patching, approaches, etc.

Crushed Rock

Cedar Creek Quarries, Inc. produces a wide variety of rock sizes. Uses include: drain rock, base rock, aggregate driveways, drain fields, smaller sizes for walkways, landscaping boulders, boulders suitable for rock walls, slide protection, ditch lining, culvert bedding, pipe bedding, rip rap, etc.

Emergency Response

We can provide emergency response 24/7 for any accidents where heavy machinery is required. Examples include: landslides, beached vessels, stuck heavy equipment, etc.

Equipment Rental

Our equipment rental rates include an experienced operator along with the desired piece of equipment. Equipment services include: excavation, compaction, demolition, grading, lot sweeping, etc.

Landscaping Materials

Available in Newport for pickup or delivery.


Screened topsoil. Perfect material for garden beds and flower potting. 

Lava Rock

Also known as cinders, cinder rock or lava stone. Great for ornamental ground cover. Locks in heat. Also said to promote tomato growth.


Rich dark ground cover, natural weed barrier.


Locally produced soil amendment material.

Fir Chips

Red to brown in color. Good ground cover material and moisture retainer in garden areas.


Unprocessed, unscreened Yaquina bay dredge sand. May be used as fill material. Can contain aggregates, shells and other bay debris. Not ideal for planting.

Hand Rock

A large rock but small enough to pick up by hand. Adds character to any garden. A good hillside armor rock. Can be used for pipe outlet areas with large volumes of water.

6" Open Rock

Great material for medium to large drain outlets. Also suitable for hillside armor rock.

2 ½" x 1 ½" Rock

Large free draining rock. Ideal for french drains or ditch lining. Not ideal for a road base.

1 ½" x ¾" Rock

Medium sized free draining rock. Good for french drains, walkways, rock gardens, can be used as a roadway surface for very slow moving light traffic on flat surfaces only.

½" x ¼" Rock

Small sized free draining rock. Good for walkways, rock gardens, can be used as a driveway surface for very slow moving light vehicles on flat surfaces only.

¼" x 10 minus

Perfect for garden walkways. Good for icy driveways.

Basalt Flat Rock

Beautiful basalt flat rock locally mined. Uses limited to your imagination. Size range from 12" to 48" in length. Limited availability.